Week 5 Recap, The Tightest Guest We've Had So Far, and Jam Explains One of His Celebrity Obsessions

Jam continues to deliver either brilliant or horrible matchup names. Henno flows, and then the guys call him out for not listening to the pod. Jam finishes another Fastest 3-Minutes as only a true Parrot Head could.

Posted by Paste | Saturday, October 16, 2021 | Download

Tank of the Weak


05:45 PM | 10/16/2021

Who knew we had this many fans?

09:16 PM | 10/17/2021

*three other dads in this league

02:55 PM | 10/22/2021

Week 6 recap of the century.. uh da week. 1) I wasn't nervous!!! 2) Jammer - "I wish i knew more about Dota". You could know literally everything about Dota and it wouldn't help you with Durotar Thrall knowledge as they aren't related. 3) Jammer - somehow your bowl game names of the week were all 5 out of 10s. What is this, college for you all over again? 4) Paste - Overcooked 2? You're playing Overcooked 2? Here is a new segment idea for the podcast: "what children's game is Paste playing now?" Maybe next week you'll move on to fall guys. 5) Jammer - "I mean, are they going to make it or not?" Just top notch analysis by Jam about NFL kickers. 6) Paste - Excellent use of "if my aunt had a dick she would be my uncle". You played that perfectly. Jam's hopes were so high talking about a potential 200 point week and you zapped him right back to reality. 7) Paste - You forgot to edit out the part about children having a felacio problem. 8) Paste - "I used to be a piece of shit". Well done. 9) Paste - Cyclops? really? just a person with 1 eye? That's your mythical creature of choice?