Recapping Week 4, A Very Lucky Listener of the Week, and a Record Setting High Scorer Guest Appearance

The podcast has an episode sponsor for the first time. Bino sets the record for most guest appearances on the pod as High Scorer of the Week. The guys discuss Squid Games, House of the Dragon, and more. Jammer recaps his favorite hot tub moments.

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Tank of the Weak


11:34 PM | 10/11/2021

1) Time for a little math. Jammer spent 54 seconds talking about his tank top this week. Strat got a shout out for his donation to the podcast (rightfully so) that lasted 28 seconds for 25 cents. Can I pay 50 cents each week to not have to hear about what article of clothing jammer is currently wearing? 2) Jam – You know that the amount of alcohol you drink on a Sunday has zero correlation to how the Vikings play, right? I guarantee Kirk Cousins doesn't have the following thought pop in his head in the middle of the game: "Wow, my biggest fan Jammer Bundul has a BAC of 0.1% right now, I'm going to try really hard to not throw another interception." 3) Jam – how are all of your bowl game names either a 10/10 or a 1/10? 4) Can we invite Nam to the ddakji game where we get to slap each other? 5) Paste - Thank you for the TikTak and InstantGram joke. I laugh every time. Mainly because I envision Jax rolling her eyes when she hears you say it. 6) David Benioff does not get a pass on ruining / making a mockery of my favorite tv show of all time just because he wrote a book one time that was ok. #NotForgiven 7) Bino – thank you for that Jack story. I was almost in tears laughing because I envisioned you doing the same when you were younger. 8) Paste – you were in the den of evil 50 times longer than anyone needed to be. Even someone who has never played before. Maybe if you just ran with us and shot your bow at the monsters instead of spending 45 minutes inspecting a "Broken Hunter Bow" or a "Cracked Belt" that was intentionally left on the ground because they were "BROKEN" and "CRACKED", you might have had more fun. Haha. I can't speak for AG, but i was not mad at you in any way for leaving, just bummed cause i thought you would enjoy the game more. I think if you got about another hour into it, everything would have made more sense and you would have had more fun. I’m really glad you got your money back though. 9) On a more serious note, Is there any way to make a skip forward or skip backward 30 second button on the podcast? I don’t ever foresee myself using the skip forward button (maybe I would if Henno tries talking about how NBA trades and auction dollar trades are the same thing again), but a backwards button would be really nice for when someone at work wants me to do an actual work related task and i cant pause in time. This might not be possible, but i thought i would ask anyways.